Harnessing the power of social media we created an International Women’s Day installation making the voice of women across Salt Lake City heard.


Planned Parenthood of Salt Lake City

welikesmall x McCANN

B+B Sketches.png

Planned Parenthood wanted a portable installation they could bring to events, premiering at the Utah State Capitol building on International Women’s Day. McCANN, who had already been working with them to create and brand Birds and the Beehive–an initiative designed specifically for the community of Utah– came to us to bring the concept to life. Taking the “bird” and “beehive” concept literally, we created the a birdhouse with birds that pop out and read empowering tweets that used their hashtag live. 


Since the original installation would be in a space three stories high, we needed to design something that fit the space, but could be adjusted for smaller events. We designed the trunk to break down into different heights, standing 12 feet at its tallest, and 7 for smaller events. Unfortunately, there was a great turnout and we created a bit too much of a buzz (hehe) and were asked to take it outside… mission accomplished ✔


Senior Designer - Michael Kern, David Byrd
Junior Designer - Tori Bonagura
Developer - Paul Solomon
Carpenter - Dan Kesler


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