CatchUp is an accessible program created for teachers to assign, manage, and monitor student’s make-up work; allowing each student to receive personal attention even in overpopulated classrooms.


Through conducting a series of interviews with both public and private school teachers of varying grades, issues with current make-up work process became abundantly clear– as did the necessary features for a better system. The solution needs to be as accessible as possible, offer communication and formative feedback opportunities, have some form of guided interaction, guarantee students get the attention they need, and make that all as easy on the teachers as possible. Since 62% students grades 3-5 nationwide have access to laptops and 35% have access to tablets, the possibility of using technology as a progress management and monitoring aid was completely feasible.


User Research, UX




A big challenge in designing this program was keeping the two separate audiences and their needs in mind. Users on the teacher end require more management material as they are assigning and monitoring work from a variety of students and possibly classes. Darker colors and smaller text were used to make information available at a glance.



The student view features were a lot more direct as they only need to see their own assignments and progress. The target audience is young grade school children ranging from 1st-5th graders so larger text and buttons, a more playful color pallet, positive feedback and character integration accommodate this shift.



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