In an effort to attract a larger audience museums have recently began shifting from collection-based archives to interactive experiences. Since, the shift has been focused towards children I designed an immersive, educational museum curated specifically for young adults.


Environmental, Branding



I began by planning the experience of the museum– what was special about it? Why would young adults want to congregate here? What's the wow factor? While there has lately been a trend in "instagram worthy" installations, based off a survey of interests I found my target audience was looking for a more educational experience. 
Combining the two main factors, art and science, I decided to create a museum promising a completely tactile, immersive experience– one designed around the five senses. Before I could begin to brand the museum, I needed to design the experience so I tried my hand at creating a few immersive exhibit concepts.


Having established the overall theme and vibe, it became evident the brand needed to be bold, yet subtle and allude to it's "scientific" yet "artistic" roots. I tapped into both themes by breaking the brain down into the five regions that respond to sensory stimulation. After separating them, they not only had nice movement but also resembled organisms under a microscope. 


The museum has two color schemes– a low contrast one for subtlety, used for designs that would be viewed up close, and a higher contrast one used in advertising that would be viewed from more of a distance.



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